Like a Gold Ring in a Sow's Nose

Experience life through the eyes of two star ladies - tat, clothes, tatty clothes...and Goblin beefburgers in a tin washed down with a pint of warm flat Panda Cola.


Let's do



Now I'm not saying I agree...
with any of this but over the last few years I have been compared to Clare Danes and Nina Persson (the singer in the Cardigans).
Personally I don't see myself in either (and Clare, it has been rumoured, has recently let the side down by having her nose done thus rendering any resemblance even less likely.) And for good measure (as a natural brown-haired girl who enjoys blonde highlights whenever the hairdresser does them correctly) I am including both blonde and brown incarnations of these two.

The current Mr. Magneto reckons I don't look like C.D. anymore although he has said so in the past, along with Richard my nursing mentor back in the day. Mind you, she looks slightly annoyed enough to be me in the left picture.

He's currently all beer-goggled up and reckons it's NP I look like, something he's been banging on about for years now. I can perhaps see myself, maybe, in that kind of washed out appearance in the photo on the right! Reminds me of that FLM photo I had on my justgiving page! But she has a small nose for a kick off, I can't see beyond that - or is that my nose I can't see beyond?

You wouldn't mistake them for twins would you?

Anyway, my point is that someone always thinks you look differently to how you think you look, which in this case is very nice as these are lovely women. Indeed, D.O'C. reckons his dad looks like Robert De Niro!

HOWEVER, recently I was out with M.M. and after a few wines in Odfellows I asked her what famous person her hubby thought she looked like and after a bit of prodding she said "Harry Potter"! Get down that divorce court girl!

So Churchill, if K. looks like John Hurt, who does he reckon you look like?...Answers to be added to this page...

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