Like a Gold Ring in a Sow's Nose

Experience life through the eyes of two star ladies - tat, clothes, tatty clothes...and Goblin beefburgers in a tin washed down with a pint of warm flat Panda Cola.


CCT LEVEL 1 – able to tolerate cottage cheese and in some instances (extreme

hunger, long term dieting) even enjoy it.


CCT LEVEL 2 – have been known to eat cottage cheese as part of a cooked dish or the occasional spoon full in an otherwise unsuccessful fridge browse

CCT LEVEL 3 – whilst still preferring a mild cheese prefer a hard cheese. Has been known to have cottage cheese and another ingredient (i.e beans) when cottage cheese sufficiently swamped by taste of second ingredient on a baked potato (known as the BP fat replacement tactic)

CCT LEVEL 4 – definitely a hard cheese only type, but nothing too strong. Asks “What is that watery stuff in cottage cheese, errrr don’t stir it in”

CCT LEVEL 5 – the axis of CCT masculine/feminine divide. Unable to tolerate cottage cheese, may produce gagging noises on exposure


CCT LEVEL 6 – high intolerance to cottage cheese, prefers food with flavours and high fat content.

CCT LEVEL 7 – exposure to cottage cheese dangerous, may cause actual vomiting if exposure is prolonged


CCT LEVEL 8 – the complete opposite of cottage cheese and yet equally disgusting.





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